“Hi!”, Cartoon, comic, graphic enthusiasts

An amateur graphic artist, more inclined to cartoon works and the like. I’m trying to fulfill my life long passion of art.

Hi, everyone. This is my first time making a blog, so please bear with the initial simplicity of the entire blog. As an aspiring cartoonist, I will be posting original artworks mostly and occasional random things to let off some steam. What I really want though is to establish my own comic story here although I know it’ll take some time.

I hope to make connections and entertain viewers with what I am giving. Let’s be friends! I am really looking forward to growing my talent and learning through positive exchange here.

Also, I’m only using my phone for making my artworks and WordPress since I find it more convenient. I don’t have the PC software like Adobe, or a tab stylus setup.

Here’s one of my best artworks so far. A very iconic duo from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Ariel and King Triton. This is also a sample showing my current art style, as you can see.

Again, thanks for reading!

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